Vacuum Therapy is the only natural, drug free treatment for erectile dysfunction proven to be over 90% effective.

For the past 20 years our VED® systems have provided men a simple and natural way to return to health, recovery and intimacy. Today our next generation of VED® technology along with our personalized customer support, and individual clinical follow-up is creating an even higher standard of product dependability and clinical excellence.


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    • Causes of Erectile Dysfunction: Circulatory Problems

      Erections require four systems to be in good working order. Erectile dysfunction can begin in an area of the body quite removed from the penis. This article briefly describes causes for ED related to poor blood flow.> View More
    • Cigarettes, Alcohol, Drugs and Erectile Dysfunction

      Substance use (nicotine, alcohol, drugs) is a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction (ED). In fact, substance use is often interconnected with stress, as many people cope with daily pressure by "taking the edge off." Stress causes the body to release adrenaline, and adrenaline fights with erectile function.> View More
    • Sexercise - Improving Sexual Experience With Exercise

      The connection between erectile function and a healthy exercise program may not seem obvious, but it is backed up by research. In a study of over 31,000 men age 50 and up, those who exercised 3-5 times per week had 30% less risk of ED> View More


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